Sewer Department

The Town of Oxford is working to:

Protect and enhance the quality of our water resources and improve wastewater service and eliminate environmental problems.

A Public Sewer was developed to help eliminate water quality and service problems from failing septic systems by replacing them with a safe, public sanitary sewer.

Why is a public sewer important:

  • Failing septic systems are a potential source of increased pollution of our water resources.
  • Failing septic systems often don't fully treat waste, which can then migrate to a nearby stream, lake, or shallow drinking water well,
  • In extreme cases, failed systems can result in untreated waste in yards, creating a major health hazard.

The Town of Oxford has constructed sewer extensions in the street and brought a lateral line — a pipe from the sewer main — near your private property line. Now what?

  • Complete an application for Sewer Service Installation.
  • $100.00 is due at the time of the application for a plumbing inspection.
  • Call a Contractor/plumber to connect your property to the system and ask for a quote.
  • Hire the Contractor/Plumber to connect your property. They will coordinate with the Facility Superintendent for inspection.